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Do you have a blind or shade repair question?

To ask us a question, click here to fill out our form. For your convenience you may submit pictures and other files so that we can answer your questions to your satisfaction.

  Is there any thing I can do to make my pleated or cellular shades last longer?  


Yes! The first thing to remember is to be gentle with them. When you raise and lower them you should keep the string close to the fabric and not pull it out toward you. This will keep the cord from rubbing improperly on the cord lock or on the cord lock casing. I have seen many products such as DelMar shades that are easily worn out if you're not careful.

  What can I do to keep my vertical blind slats from getting all out of whack?  


A very common complaint. The most important thing to remember is to ALWAYS TILT THE SLATS OPEN FULLY BEFORE DRAWING THE BLIND OPEN OR CLOSED. Also sometimes the slats will overlap in the wrong position when they are closed. The key is, don't force them open. Look for the improperly overlaped slats and correct it with your hand. The last thing I'll mention is do not leave your vertical blind closed when the window is opened. On some brands if the stem carriers break off it can be a very difficult or costly repair.

  Do you have bulk discounts for larger quantities?  


Most of our items have special pricing available for everyone. To see the bulk pricing on each item, just enter the amount that you need and add it to your shopping cart. The new price will be reflected when you view the cart.

  The cords on my blinds are starting to fray. What can I do to correct this or keep it from getting worse?  


What may be happening is that you are rubbing the cord against the rough edges of the cord lock. Notice if the blind cord is rubbing against a sharp edge. You can usually hear a grinding or grating sound when you are raising the blind. If you pull the cord diagonally when you are lowering AND RAISING the blind, this will help to slow down the wear.

  One of my vertical blind slats is twisted out of sync. Do I have to buy a new headrail?  


On many brands you can just reach up and firmly grab the stem and try to slowly snap it back in place. Please note that not all brands are capable of this. If it feels like it isn't budging, don't force it. Some of the brands that you can self-correct are: Graber, Some Excaliber, Vertilux, Novo, and most of the store bought brands that you buy off the shelf.

  I see that you sell string ladders for wood blinds but not for mini blinds. Why is that?  


2 inch wood blind ladder is pretty much standardized across the industry, however, mini blinds use many different spacings dimensions between the slats (cheaper mini blinds use fewer slats per foot). If we sold mini blind ladder most customers would find that they either wind up with extra slats or not enough slats to make up the desired length. Plus mini blinds are cheap so it is not really a cost effective repair.

  I have a shade that uses a continuous cord loop and it broke in half. Can I glue it back together, and if not, how do I measure the cord so that I can purchase a new loop?  


The device that is used to join the cords together is not available to the average person and rejoining the ends together with glue or heat will only provide a short temporary solution. As far as ordering the correct length, cord loops are measured by the total distance that you could stretch out a new unbroken cord loop. Click here to determine how long of a cord loop you will need to order.