Welcome To Your New Web Site
 Future Store Front
1) Modify Your Web Page
Use the EZ-Pagebuilder tool to edit this home page. Replace text, import images, add or delete the blocks you don't want. Remember to save your home page as index.

You can also add additional pages and link to them from your home page. Your additional pages may be named anything you would like, but your home page must always be named "index".
2) Select Your Ordering Rules
Enter your ordering rules in the EZ-Order program. This program is found in the Construction Tools. You decide which methods of shipping you offer and the shipping charges for your products.
3) Enter Your Catalog Information
If you plan on using the catalog, enter your product information into the EZ-Catalog program. This program is also found in the Construction Tools. You can upload graphics into your catalog and enter in a description of your products.

If you already have a database of your catalog, use the EZ-Import utility to transfer it directly into the Web site.
4) Market Your Web Site
Use the EZ-Submit program to submit your web pages to the search engines. Don't forget to set up your META tags.

You can also begin looking for complimentary web sites to trade links with. Use the EZ-Link Trader to do this efficiently.
Good Luck In Your New Venture!